One of my own software’s I introduce the IMSlave Linkblaster

We have had in house software for as long as I can remember, we have a whole suite of the stuff that will get a brand new site indexed within an hour to getting a aged site ranked upto the the first page of google, and if you didnt know if your not on the front page you just get the traffic, almost every searcher will never get past the second or third page, you probably do this your self, if your looking for something, and you cant find it on the first page of google, you think to your self what else would it be undr and you type in another keyword until you actually find what your after.

so getting your site on the first page is the best thing you can do and getting help to do this doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact you can use my tool for free.


“Don’t waste any more effort / time indexing your backlinks or giving your hard earned cash to anymore services that promise to index your links.

Monthly services and subscription are expensive. I know, I’ve also tried these in the past. Some people pay big bucks for these services and most don’t deliver.. But you know what, you don’t need these any more.

Most people dont want to be paying these monthly costs each and every month? But what can you do?

Why Not Let A Pro Index your links for you? and index them at super speed!!

It’s the perfect solution. Now you don’t need to spend hour on hour a day trying to get your urls indexed in the search engines.. Your time can be better spent elsewhere..”

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The Sales Page For This Software Application is


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  1. Play infomrtavie for me, Mr. internet writer.

  2. Knock Knock Jokes says:

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