Getting your site ranked is straight forward enough anybody can do it, if you know what you’re doing and there lays the problem knowing what you’re doing, so I designed a few simple steps for people wanting to know what they’re doing wrong.

There are many factors that Google take into consideration when deciding where to rank your site in fact there are 200 but they aren’t all equally weighted, so we normally only concentrate on the ones that make the most difference.

Some of the main factors when ranking are:-


Backlinks are simply a link from another website pointing back to yours, having said that “simply” is quite miss leading, as in everything seo there is a right way and a wrong way.

Just going to any old site and commenting on some ones blog is no good at all, you need to find websites that are relevant to your own site (covering the same niche) check out my niche page for more information on niches.

To create a backlink that Google will take into consideration you need to make sure the site has a good ranking it self, it’s not full of spam comments, it is related to your site’s content and is updated regularly.

I say it’s updated regularly because if it is Google will visit the site often and will see your link and then you will be credited with that link.


One of the best ways to get your backlinks created is to write an article such as this and post it out to the article directory sites, people use these directories to put content on their site, so you know the content of the site is related because you wrote it and they have to leave the links in as part of the agreement for them to use your work.


Being an active member of a forum has many perks not only will you meet new people but you create relationships with them, you don’t have to be friends with them but talking terms is great, new opportunities happen when you meet new people.

The second perk is that you are given space under your posts to put a signature and in the signature, you can put a link back to your site, there is a trick to using forums for backlinks, many people get this wrong and the forums just simply delete there accounts; The trick is you need to be an active member of the forum if the forum has a lot of people reading the posts, then your link will be seen by a lot of people, and that’s your goal with forums, don’t use them as just a place to stick a link on, these are real people that will in the end buy your product/service.

Blog Commenting

There are millions of blogs out there, everybody has one now a days and because of the way the blogs work you can place a link on them, there is a section at the bottom of most blogs that allow you to post a comment, if you find a blog that is related to your own site, even a competitor you can make a useful comment such as “I have had trouble with the blackberry network as well, I have found a solution and wrote about it on my blog here

That way you’re not spamming but still getting a link on their site, which will count towards your site but also bring in visitors from there site so it’s a win/win for you and the author won’t mind as your giving a helpful comment.

These methods and more falls under search engine optimization or otherwise known as SEO and these are white hat seo methods (I will explain the difference later between white hat seo and back hat seo)

All of the above can be done the right way and the wrong way you have to make sure you’re doing it the right way or you are just wasting your time and your site will never get any higher in the search engine ranking.

Thanks for reading and will see you soon.



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    Its a nice and awesome article which will guide me through out the internet to promote my website…

  2. I rcekon you are quite dead on with that.

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